@ Love to Create is an Educational Platform offering resources, workshops, interviews, digital products and consulting in Early Childhood Development, Spelling and Reading Education, Wellness and Recreational Therapy Crafts.
Whether you are a parent looking to enhance your child’s development and/or literacy skills
an educator exploring new innovative teaching tools and ideas
ECD principals and teachers wanting to pursue a journey of personal and business growth
Occupational Therapists seeking for Recreational Craft Ideas and Items

We invite you to join our community and embark on a journey of DISCOVERY GROWTH AND ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – where the magic of learning meets the wonders of childhood.

Diane la Grange

Founded by a Diane la Grange in 2018, @Love to Create (hereafter @LTC) was born out of passion for children development, reading education, wellness and business. With the digital age transforming the way we learn; she recognized the opportunity to create a platform that seamlessly integrates, expressing guidance in early childhood development, the joy for reading, crafting for wellness and share valuable business skills, to create a unique in person and/or online experience.

Our story begins with a simple yet profound belief: that every child deserves a strong foundation in literacy and a nurturing environment for holistic growth.

As passionate advocate for early childhood development, we believe in the importance of fostering curiosity, imagination, and a love for learning from the very beginning. We bring a wealth of expertise, ensuring that our online platform delivers engaging content and effective teaching methods that align with the latest research in early childhood education.

Our journey started with the realization that a love for reading is not only a gateway to knowledge but also a powerful tool for shaping a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development. Drawing upon our extensive experience in early childhood development and the field of reading education, we set out to build a space where educators, parents and young minds could embark on an education adventure,
What sets us apart is our commitment to creating a supportive community for both parents, educators and therapists.

“We don’t teach, we create and inspire”

Our Colour-Coded Services


@ Love to Create STUDIO, we specialize in Recreational Crafts for Occupational Therapists across South Africa, especially in Psychiatric and Rehab facilities. Where creativity meets craft


@ Love to Create WELLNESS, we create awareness about Wellness for Kids and what unique service and products are available. Empower Wellness


@ Love to Create READING, provides Reading Education and Literacy Tutoring in English and Afrikaans using a child-centred approach and critical thinking. We also provide Reading Resources. Elevate your Reading and Literacy journey


@ Love to Create KIDS, provides child development resources. Nurture Today, Thrive Tomorrow

ECD Consulting

@ Love to Create ECD Consulting, assists ECD Centres with personal development and business skills. Unlock your Potential